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Reasons You Should Never Attempt to Hair Color Yourself

It can be tempting to pick up a box of hair color at your local drug store or big box retailer and attempt to color your hair near me. After all, it is fast, you do not need an appointment to do it, and it is a fraction of the cost that hairdressers near me charge to dye your hair. However, before you reach for that box of hair color, you need to learn why you should never attempt to color your hair yourself. Read on to learn more.
One of the biggest reasons why you should never attempt to color your hair yourself is because you do not really know what color you will end up with. Most women do not end up with the exact color on the box. This is because everything from your hair texture to the type of shampoo and conditioner you use to the type of dye and chemicals that are already in your hair can affect the color. While most people end up with a color semi-close to the box, you could end up with green, orange or purple hair if you are not color.
The other reason why you should never attempt to color your hair yourself is because boxed hair color is extremely damaging to your hair. It has to work on all hair types, so it may contain way more chemicals and develops than most people need for their hair. You can cause a lot of damage to your hair using boxed hair dye, and that damage can take years to correct.
When you want to dye your hair, hairdressers near me can help to ensure that you get the color you want with as little damage done to your hair as possible. Contact Belle Marie Salon, and let one of our professionals give you the color you want.

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