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What Does it Mean When a Hair Stylist in Kirkland Wants to Give You Lifestyle Hair?

Call Belle Marie when you are looking to get your hair done by a hair stylist in Kirkland, Washington. Many people look for a "hair stylist near me", one of the terms that the hairstylist may use is lifestyle hair. Many people are unfamiliar with this term and what it means. However, finding a hair stylist in Kirkland who knows what this term means and how to give it to you can help to enhance your look and help you to look your best.
Lifestyle hair means that the hair stylist is giving you a cut and style that you can maintain. Let's face it. We all had a cut or style that looked amazing as we walked out of the hair salon. However, once we got home, we realized that it required too much time to maintain the look or get the look. As such, the cut or shape was not as flattering as it could have been if it had been styled properly.
When a hair stylist talks about lifestyle hair, they want to give you a shape and cut that not only flatters your face, but that you can maintain. This is where you need to be 100 percent honest with the hair stylist. If you wash your hair and allow it to air dry, tell your stylist that. If you have time to blow dry and shape your hair most of the time, let your stylist know. Are you looking for a cut that you can curl daily, tell your hairstylist. The stylist will listen to what your lifestyle is like and give you a cut that matches that lifestyle.
Are you ready to get lifestyle hair that fits in with your lifestyle? Book your appointment with Belle Marie Salon today.

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